Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life in the Tunnel

"Wow. That's some procrastination you've got there, missy."

Why, thank you. It's my specialty.

"Been at it long?"

Come to think of it, I have. 'Avoiding the Written Word Since 1977' Or maybe it was 1978. You get the idea.


Thanks for checking in, dear reader. No boring details on offer, no gushing revelations of midlife angst, no tear-inducing riffs on mortality (at least none beyond those last three passive-aggressive/narcissistic phrases).

Answer the following multiple choice question:

Over the last six week,s my life, metaphorically speaking, has been

A. a hamster wheel
B. one of those annoying "optical illusion" posters at the mall, the ones in which you can never see what you're supposed to see
C. a yo-yo
D. Floam
E. A and C on even-numbered days, unless it's raining
F. B, if you can't get the knot out of C's string
G. all of the above, or none