Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random in Oregon

* My writing group is as wonderful as I remember it. If I had that kind of support in Texas I'd be glued to the keyboard, I think. Now I just have to figure out how to feel the love 2100 miles away.

* It's been very difficult for me to make calls and re-cement old friendships this time. I'm certain that has to do with my mother's death.

* Young Girl had two marvelous sleep-away camp experiences, one near the coast and another in the mountains. She's tangibly more grown up, but in a good way.

* I leave to drive home this Saturday. I'm going to shoot for four nights on the road because I need to be back for Young Girl's Upper Elementary parent orientation on Wednesday night. But, after all, safety long as I'm home for YG's first day of Upper El on Thursday I'll be fine.

* I miss Large Dog. After a streak of destructive digging behavior, involving my dear hosting friend's yard and camellia bushes, I had to board him at a local vet's. I'll pick him up on Saturday morning, after I deliver YG and The Man to the airport and start my own journey home.

* And, about home...I'm ready to be there.