Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Today brought two harbingers of summer. Bluebirds? Lazy swims in sun dappled ponds?

Where do you think I live...paradise?

No, today I had two experiences that made it very clear that the hell season is about to descend with a vengeance.

1. The inevitable school awards assembly at which students are awarded for such things as showing up and doing push-ups. Academics? Huh? Can't mention success there. It makes the other 90% of the kids feel bad about themselves.

2. While I was enjoying one of the few remaining evenings al fresco before the bone-crushing heat arrives, I was feasted upon by both mosquitoes and fire ants. My child has already had the initial encounter with chiggers. Those from 'round these parts know how pleasant that is. Those who dwell in more temperate climes - count your blessings.

Yes, it's time for sunscreen, bug spray, and air conditioning.

But, if all goes well, Large Dog and I will be hitting the road next week for a long visit in the NW. I am fortunate, indeed!

Back to substance soon!

My traveling partner:


L. said...

Oh, Kaiser, what a handsome boy you are!

bluelikethesky said...

Isn't he, though?

His "twin" is on the cover of the Summer 2007 Pottery Barn catalog, the one with the lakehouse dock of my dreams on it!