Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Work product!

Thanks to DYR for sending this lovely photo of the collaborative art piece my friends and I did the first evening of our getaway weekend! Seven women, one cool installation.

The next morning, one of our number departed early. Those who remained decided that, rather than visit the Body Worlds exhibit or hang out by the pool, we would do another group painting as a gift for the woman who'd left early; she is moving east this summer and we thought a painting would be a tangible representation of our friendship she could hang in her new house.

I'm not as crazy about the second one, as I don't think it has quite the spontaneity of the first one. But we did have a wonderful lazy morning, talking and painting. DYR was kind enough to come over and photograph the piece, although my living room floor is decidedly inferior to an unfurled room service menu in terms of backdrop:

EACGP reports that her husband has spent a good deal of time analyzing and attributing the sections. Feel free to do the same!

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