Monday, July 30, 2007

Peace, Dogs, and Berries

I looked up and it's been an age since I've posted. Why? I'm been enjoying a string of delightful guests, mostly recently DYR, here to pick up her super-groovy new Prius. We took in a shamefully small percentage of the sights, and spent a lovely evening on the porch chomping on a brie baked with honey and three berries: Oregon-grown raspberries, the biggest organic blueberries I've ever seen (thank you, co-op!), and some blackberries from the yard.

The guests have all gone, and things are slowing down a bit...just in time for me to gear up for my return to Texas. I plan to spend as much of the next week as possible lounging beside moving water with Large Dog and a book.

I'm going to spare you pointless rambling, and offer a couple of pictures. The first is a panel on Ashland's Peace Fence. The second is, of course, Large Dog enjoying a break during today's hike. I hope you will enjoy the sentiments expressed in both.

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