Thursday, July 5, 2007

Road Hazard

Picture of Bike

Yes, I did it! This is my keen new bike. She's a Specialized Expedition Sport and I bought her at Siskiyou Cyclery, where the folks were incredibly helpful and did not make fun of me at all.

I rode her around in the parking lot and I truly felt like a kid again. Well, really, I felt like a character in one of those movies where someone is frozen and thawed out way in the future and walks around saying things like, "What is this strange machine with wheels?" My last bike (see my previous post, Pedal Power) had goofy little thumb levers for shifting. This one? All you have to do is turn the handlebar grips ever so slightly and the chain glides into one of 24 (yes, you heard me, 24) gears. I think even I will be able to ride uphill!

Of course, I didn't take her out for a spin since it's over 100 degrees here right now. I'd go tonight but I'm doing dinner and a movie with an old friend. I'm going to head out first thing in the morning.

Any suggestions for her name?


Freebird said...

Looks like a LaDonna to me.

Anonymous said...

I vote for "Rotelle" for several reasons:

1. "due rotelle" in Italian means 2 wheels


2. Ro-Tel is the key ingredient in a food that is quite influential in your Texas heritage