Sunday, March 9, 2008

Photo Hunt 100 - Different

I've never played Photo Hunt before, but I thought, "Why not? Let's give it a try? What a lovely way to procrastinate. Maybe those essays will grade themselves!"

So here's my very first Photo Hunt find, for the category "Different:"

I took this picture (May 2005) in the graveyard adjacent to a tiny Church of Scotland building in the middle of sheep pasture, somewhere west of Lockerbie. At church had been on that site, in some form or another, since the 600s, according to a plaque inside. This building had been there since either the 1100s or the 1300s...I can't recall.

Why is it different? Because it makes so much sense. Walk through any American cemetery and you will find floofy angels and chubby cherubs and plastic flowers and national flags. While all of those things may reflect our beliefs about death, do any of them have one tiny little thing to do with the fact of death? No. But this stone? The one that's been hanging around in a sheep pasture since 1689? It tells the truth. A skull. That's what lies beneath.

And I loved the ribbons.


-TNChick- said...

What a super find - how neat!

bluelikethesky said...

Thanks for visiting, and commenting, too! WHOO HOO! Someone IS out there.

Lori V. said...

I like this, too. Were I getting a headstone and a grave and all that jazz, I'd want one like this.

redmolly said...

This is awesome, and reminds me of a study we read about in one of my archaeology classes that mapped the distribution of gravestone motifs over time. 17th century Puritan cemeteries in this country often have deaths'-head designs like this one... then in the 18th century, urns became more popular... then in the 19th century, cherubs came along. But lambs have always been used on children's graves, and whenever I see a lamb while rambling through an old cemetery it makes me a little sad. Me? I want a winged skeleton clutching an hourglass. That would be all about awesome.

And the ribbons are awesome.

Dragonstar said...

I'm sorry I'm so late this week, but I'd like to welcome you to the Hunt.

I love what you found. I love the colour contrast, and the idea that even the grave-stone will eventually turn to dust.

Dragonstar said...

You are a very kind lady! Lovely to receive such a rapid return visit from you, with such nice things to say about my photography!

Basically I am also a point-and-shoot person. I just like to do something more "arty" at times. Whatever your style of photography, the trick is to see the picture, and that's what you did here.

See you again tomorrow!