Friday, March 14, 2008

Road Trip Yikes!

Just checking in quickly on night one of the Spring Break Family Road Trip to West Virginia. As the old saying goes: Want to make the gods laugh? Tell them your plans.

Our plans to depart by noon were, as the corporate folks says, negatively impacted by two significant events.

1. Our washing machine stopped spinning at 10 p.m. last night, four loads short of the goal.

2. My recently widowed mother-in-law was distraught at the thought of her son leaving town for ten days (those of you who know us will find this simple fact hilarious, but not as hilarious as what is to come....wait for it.......), and actually began to shed a few tears this morning. Her son suggested that she come along, assuming she would decline and that if she accepted she would fly to our destination. Oh no, mes amis. "I'd love to come along! Let me throw some things in a bag. When do we leave?" Those of you with mothers-in-law know the impact this has on everything involved with a 1000+ mile automobile journey, and those of you who know my mother-in-law know the impact this has on everything involved with a 1000+ mile automobile journey.

After spending the morning at the Wonder Wash, the early afternoon running various errands, and the mid afternoon (finally) packing, we hit the eastbound trail at 5 p.m with me behind the wheel of the Family Truckster all the way.

And now I am going to put my head on a pillow in North Little Rock, Arkansas and sleep off the horror.

Hopefully, I'll have time tomorrow to post a proper entry. But for now zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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