Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Temporary Relief

Back through Bowling Gr(rrrrrrrrr)een on Saturday, but no trace of Miss Mac.  And what's worse?  None of the hotel filters would let me access my blog due to "objectionable content."  


Then, somewhere, half of The Man's adaptor cord went missing. That would be the second strike. 

I was so looking forward to going to my office today. I could prepare for class!  I could check my emails!  I could, given time, blog!

Third strike, right across the plate.  The person previously in my office, who retired at the end of fall term, had arranged to buy the aging desktop PC he was leaving behind. He finally did so over spring break.  I unlocked my door and found a VERY empty desk (oh, all right, a messy desk with one very clean and empty spot).

A plaintive call to IT, and a nice young man arrived with a 17" (no...don't go there....you know who you are....) PowerBook G4.  It's old, but - hey - so am I.  And we both get the job done.

So this will tide me over until I can make up my mind about what to buy.  

Now I'm off to retrieve Large Dog from the kennel.


Anonymous said...

Seventeen inches, huh?!

I am now off to scan your blog for objectionable content. The objectionabler the better.

Glad you're home safe and sound...

bluelikethesky said...

Thanks! I just ordered my new laptop, and I am royally PISSED at how long it's going to take to arrive. When did I lose the ability to wait? I want a better screen, so I should be happy to postpone gratification. I'm going to blame the scapegoat du jour: hormones.

Darrell Dwayne said...

Yeah, am ready to discuss 17" myself, which equates to one eight-incher, and one-niner

bluelikethesky said...

Dear Darrell Dwayne,

Isn't the answer the to that problem fairly close to home? hee hee hee!