Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Best FedEx Ever

The Second Miss Mac arrived today.  I've been tracking her every move all the way from Shanghai until one of our work-study students fetched her from the mail center and placed her, gently, just inside my office door.  She is sleek and oh-so-lovely.

I am forcing myself to leave her downstairs, however, while I retreat to good girl world and prep so that I do not look like a total fool in front of my students tomorrow.  I don't think that, "Sorry, I'm unprepared because I was up late with my new cool machine." will fly, given the cost of their tuition.

Soon, my sweet silver dream....soon......

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Christy Raedeke said...

We need a link to a photo so we can see what you got - the equivalent of showing "baby pictures" of a new child. After all, we do spend more time with these laptops than with anyone we're related to, no?