Thursday, April 10, 2008

Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis

Yesterday, I received word that someone for whom I felt a great deal of affection, Dr. Roy Melugin, had died. Roy lectured in one of my undergraduate courses, "Heritage of Western Man" (later renamed "Heritage of Western Culture" and later expanded, graciously, to include the rest of the world); a fond memory of that course is of Roy - then Dr. Melugin to me - literally taking a Blue Book out of my hands as time ticked away on an exam. Years later, when I had the privilege of being his colleague on occasion, he always teased me about that.  

Roy was a dear and compassionate man, a good scholar, a graceful writer, and a wise mentor to many students. The course of his pancreatic cancer was, thankfully, brief. He believed in an afterlife, and if heaven exists he is "Melugin-ing" the prophet Isaiah at this very moment. I smile to think of their mutual joy.

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Beth said...

Did you know that he was a pianist? I never knew that. And the entire Brite faculty was at the memorial service. I think when I saw that I was more moved than at any other moment. He used to turn the lights out on me instead of taking the Blue Book out of my hands. Two years ago, he spoke to my Sunday school class and when he introduced the lesson he used the times he stopped us in the middle of exams as a metaphor for the lesson. I will miss him along with you, sweetie. BTW, his grandson looks exactly like him, skinny neck and all.