Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Say No to No!

I received a disturbing email from a friend last night.

The local junior high is presenting the
Aim for Success abstinence program next week.

As it turns out, the kids who attend the assembly get a homework pass.* The kids who don't attend the assembly have to bring a signed form from their parents saying that they are not going to attend. And guess what? No homework pass.

Of course, part of the assembly is The Signing of the Abstinence Pledge, a statement that the signer promises not to have sexual intercourse until he or she is married.

Let's forget that CDC statistics show abstinence programs don't work.

Let's forget that asking very young teenagers to broadcast publicly private decisions about their sexual choice is offensive and intrusive.

Let's forget that, should an individual be gay (in most states) or unable to find a spouse he or she - under this ludicrous model - is signing away a basic human need.

Let's forget that the "science" behind this program is suspect at best.

Let's forget that our children need knowledge to protect themselves from pregnancy and disease.

But let's do make sure to "reward" those students who participate in this sick charade and "punish" those who don't.

Wonder what the homework load will be on the night in question?

*Correction: I was wrong about the method for homework pass distribution. Parents will receive the homework passes, presumably to give to their children, if they attend the parents' meeting.


Christy Raedeke said...

Let's also not forget that Sarah Palin, cheerleader of abstinence, was pregnant before she got married, as was her daughter. The very definition of hypocrisy AND stupidity!

Nov. 4th can't come soon enough...

bluelikethesky said...

Indeed, and perhaps even more pertinent (and dishy):

Anonymous said...

I this a public school? You have to wonder about the state of the public you are in, except I know which state it is.

bluelikethesky said...

Karen, it is indeed a public school, and I fear that Texas is not the only state to adopt the ludicrous "abstinence only" curriculum.

Yet another reason to vote!

Sarah said...

How bizarre that schools can do this ! There would be uproar over here if a school even thought of organising an event like this. Shocking.These people live in a very strange world where the reality of life does not seem to factor.S