Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's happened, the big birthday.

I am now fifty years old. 

I wish I could say that today was full of joy, but the universe chose to remind me of impermanence and physicality. And that is as it should be, no?

The planned celebration, pared back this year to a few close friends, was cancelled as The Man, Small Child, and I are all suffering from various layers of an infectious parfait. We've been unusually healthy lately, but all running at hyperspeed.

And now, we're forced to rest.

When things do not turn out as you plan, try to find the real plan. The one that time reveals.

It's there, underneath your worries, complaints, aches, impatience. 

I haven't quite found it yet.

I suspect it will turn up when I stop looking.

Thanks to all of you who sent greetings and good wishes. Your friendship will mean even more in the next half-century.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Happy Birthday to you!! Speaking as your elder, I can tell you that 50 is good so far. I think it's kind of cool, actually. This will be a good decade full of good karma for you. Best always, Brent

Christy Raedeke said...

I think "various layers of an infectious parfait" bests "snotty grottos" as my new favorite Blue saying. No matter what happens to be attacking your immune system, you always have your facility with words.

Happy half century of living, my friend!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday !!Hope you're feeling better. S

bluelikethesky said...

Thanks! This has been a lingering cold for many of us...hopefully it won't jump across the pond.