Thursday, February 5, 2009

Buddha Blanket - Part Four (or "In Development")

I had a long talk with a wise young woman today about knitting and writing. She posed a wonderful question. “Have you ever set out to fail?” she asked.

“Well, I knew when I started knitting that I would make mistakes. Other than that, honestly, I’ve never done so consciously but unconsciously is another story altogether.”

And right then and there a nutshell opened; fear of failure and fear of success tumbled out.

I resolve today no longer to fear either with my writing.

I resolve today to be gentle with myself.

I resolve today to write to explore rather than to control.

For that last, we have editors.

I may finish the blanket or I may not, but I have finished this series of posts. Let’s move on.


Anonymous said...

Did I overlook the stitch on Buddhism or did you drop it?

Kelly Hudgins said...

It's lost in the pattern, Karen.

I hope to figure out a way to pick it up, maybe with a crochet hook.