Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mea Culpa - Comments Encouraged

What I feared when I revealed my identity has happened.

Someone, mentioned during my years of anonymity, has expressed dissatisfaction with his or her portrayal.

During those years, the blog was a protected outlet. When I joined Lithia Writers Collective I needed to link my name to this blog for administrative reasons. I thought I'd "scrubbed" any significant identifying references to others; apparently I did not.

Over the next few days, I will endeavor to do so.  If you feel that I've have portrayed you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, please let me know (bluelikethesky@gmail.com ) or feel free to comment on the post in question.

Initial responsibility for the words on this forum lies with me. But only I know my intentions. Final responsibility lies with those who read. While I never bought into Reader Response Criticism, all readers shape their interpretations through their own experiences. I hope readers will remember that I mean no one harm.


Sarah said...

Well, that's all you need right now, isn't it? These blogs are such a lovely way to escape and lay down one's thoughts. I suppose you can't please all the people all the time, but I know you would never write anything to hurt anyone. Still, it does cut you to the quick when you think that someone is unhappy about something you've written.Don't worry too much... that's the way the cookie crumbles and I, for one, love your writing. Sarah x

Kelly Hudgins said...

Thanks, Sarah. Your support means much.

JW said...

No apologies necessary in my opinion. Writers deal with this each time they publish. In order for you to write authentically and truthfully, and make a basic effort to shield identities in your work (if it's appropriate), then you're A-OK.

And, you're a terrific writer, and the Kelly experience is what makes your work so rich.

Kelly Hudgins said...

Thanks, JW. The support of a longtime friend like you means a lot.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Basically you have to live your life. ...I enjoy reading your thoughts.

Kelly Hudgins said...

Thanks, Brent.