Friday, April 3, 2009

Update From Cancerville

My sister received good bad news yesterday; her breast cancer, although it is Stage IV, has not spread to her bones or to any of the usual organs. 

My mom is weaker every day, but felt good enough yesterday to attend the "Super Seniors" event at her church, albeit in a wheelchair.

I am waiting on some new genetic test results from my mom's doc, and then I will meet with a genetic counselor at the medical school in Dallas to discuss my options.

I draw strength from all the positive messages and thoughts you send us, so keep 'em coming my friends!


Sarah said...

Glad about your sister's results, although its still hard to hear.Sending you big hugs.S

Kelly Hudgins said...

Thanks, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, you have your hands full. All blessings. Brent

Kelly Hudgins said...

Brent, growing a third hand is an excellent idea!