Monday, May 11, 2009

This and That

Greetings from the coffee shop, where I'm watching rainstorm clouds move from the NE to the SW and listening to old Jackson 5 tunes on the shop sound system. If that's not incongruity....

I'm sure a significant thought exists deep in my brain, but my daily life is so complex right now I can't access it. So as an attempt to retain my two or three readers, here's some random scatter.

  • Young Girl turned 9 in January, but we just had her party last Friday. The "Cowgirl Campout" included horseback riding, tie-dying, roasting hot dogs and s'more marshmallows over a camp fire. Note: today's hangers are mighty flimsy compared to the ones I used as a child. The highlight of the evening was an activity I pulled from the net: Makeunders. Unlike a makeover, during which someone attempts to make the client as attractive as possible, a makeunder involves the attempt to make your guinea pig friend as hideous as possible. I expected them to use the garish and horrid cheap makeup I provided in conventional ways and places; they had other plans, which included in more than one case covering an entire face in red lipstick. I heaved a sigh of relief, as I realized that - for all their pretend coolitude - they're still little girls. I sadly suspect that this may be the last birthday party where that is the case.  Bittersweet.
  • My mother is failing more everyday, but her spirit is strong and not ready to leave.  She's catheterized, diapered, and hospital-bedded. Our hospice service has been wonderful. We've found compassionate sitters, who are there 'round the clock.
  • I'm aching for a summer in Oregon, but cannot make any plans while Mother is still alive. I'm trying to stay in the moment, in the hour, in the day, in the week and take things as they come. If it comes down to packing a single suitcase and loading child and dog in the car at a moment's notice, so be it.
  • Several good friends are experiencing loss and tragedy. Please send your healing thoughts out into the universe.
  • And the rain just keeps on falling.

Hopefully my next post will be, well, a substantive one and free of the annoying italics!


Sarah said...

Glad to you hear from you, but sad that your life is so hard right now.Sending you hugs.Sarah xx

Sarah said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and I just thought I'd say 'hi' and as the other Sarah did, give you a cyber hug.
Also, Blogger sometimes does that with the Italics thing. I usually copy and paste everything into Wordpad, deitalicize or italicize what I want and paste it all back into Blogger:)

Kelly Hudgins said...

Sarah One, thanks as always.

Sarah Two, welcome and thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

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