Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dispatch from SLC

Some random musings from the cross-country drive:

• What do you do when you pull out of your driveway to log 2200 miles, turn on your radio, and get NOTHING? That means no NPR, no random Tejano, no books on iPod. You decide to be in the moment, as deep introspection interferes with driving acuity.

• The taste of fear: being in the middle of the pack of cars and trucks driving 85 mph on I-25, even when it’s down to one lane.

• Even though the amber waves of grain have been harvested to frankly unattractive stubble, the purple mountains’ majesty is out in full force, last lingerings of snow on top.

• Breathtaking? Two huge thunderstorm cells outlining a clear alley when you turn west into Wyoming. Alas, the alley did not stay clear; a truly horrendous thunderstorm (and, as a Texan, I’ve seen my share) with an active lightning display, followed by pea-soup fog on a twisty bit of I-80, makes the last room at the overpriced
Best Western look mighty good indeed.

Little America is still scary. I've never seen so many blond children in one place. Never.

• The
Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City is featuring white sangria in its fabled Wine Hour. Yum.

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Sarah said...

I drove from Vegas to the Grand Canyon once in driving rain that turned to snow. Scary stuff with all those trucks. Glad you made it safely. Hope you are doing ok. Hugs to you hunny bunny. S