Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer is A'Comin' In

Oh, lordy, it's hot today.

I've been driving around all day, getting stuff together for Young Girl's birthday party this weekend. Since it's been a year since last summer, I'd conveniently forgotten how friggin' hot parking lots can be. And no matter how brief your stay in a store, the car completely heats up while you're gone.

Saturday night was cool and breezy, and I sat outside at a lovely party and enjoyed the evening weather. Today it's 90 and muggy. There's nothing gradual about the coming of summer in Texas. And it's only going to get worse.

So I've dropped in to my favorite wine bar for $5 Monday. Here's to cool and dark. And pinot grigio.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, I caught up with your last few posts. Great to see you blogging again. ...Blessings on your sister. Best, Brent

Kelly Hudgins said...

Thanks, Brent. Good to see you back.