Sunday, March 16, 2008

Laptopless in WV

The Family Truckster rolled into Charleston, WV around 4 p.m. today.

I am, however, still without Miss Mac, who is sharing her favors (and a bazillion pics of Small Child) with another. I fervently hope those photos don't end up somewhere they shouldn't. Shudder.

Your thoughts:

15 inch MacBook Pro, which is more power than I need but a larger screen for my old eyes?

13 inch MacBook, which is waaaaaay cheaper but miniscule (and I can afford a big ol' 23 inch display to plug her into...that is if I can see the instructions)?

Please advise, as I will probably order tomorrow.

I cannot live in the PC world for much longer.


Lori V. said...

You know my answer. 17-inch MacBook Pro! :-)

Christy Raedeke said...

Ahem, I am a die-hard Dell fan so I'm mildly offended by your "Dell is evil" tag, but I'll still weigh in on this: 15 inch Mac, forget the monitor. Simplify! I had a 17 inch and went back to a 15, less cumbersome. Losing all your pix makes my heart sink, hope you backed 'em up...

Lori V. said...

I'm laughing, Christy... every time I see a Dell computer I think of the old commercials, with my own spin... "Dude, you're going to Hell!" ;-)

The 17" is cumbersome at times, yes, but working with my photos, it really does make a difference (there's nothing like hubby's 30-incher, though... the screen, people, the SCREEN!

bluelikethesky said...

Looks like I'll be in Dell Hell a bit longer (coming to you vaguely live from the Embassy Suites business center) as I've been "informed" that I must wait to purchase my replacement Mac. Happy? Not. At. All.