Tuesday, July 8, 2008

She who laughs last....

So the Geek ended up spending seven hours at our house yesterday.  My needs are more complex than most (big surprise!).  

The weak link was the old Airport Extreme base station. The new configuration, which I do not entirely understand, uses the old modem, a Time Capsule as the main router (with wireless backup as a bonus - whoo hoo), some weird plug in things that carry the signal through the house's wiring, a second router downstairs, and printers above and below. 

My favorite moment of the day?

The Man had, several months ago, purchased an expensive antivirus/spyware program that I knew, in my heart, he neither understood nor knew how to use. When our Geek tried to set his laptop up and ran into problems, he discovered that The Man Dell was infected with over 150 viruses and such. Geek (and I now was feeling even more affection for him) even implied that The  Man Dell's poor health could have been a contributing factor in The Man's inability to reach the Internet.


On another note, posts may be few and far between in the next few days, as I will be preparing for a trip to SoCal. My big summer getaway this year will be a family-in-law affair. While not my first choice, it should offer plenty of inspiration for the blog!

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