Monday, July 7, 2008

Significant Upgrade

I finally gave up trying to fix my own Internet problems. Yes, I succumbed to Geek Squad. Apparently, I'm just not enough of a geek to make our various machines work together in perfect harmony. Or maybe I'm just too much of the wrong kind of geek.

I'm away from the house right now, but when all is done I will have a groovy new Time Capsule for wireless backup, an extra router to extend wireless capability throughout the house (really, for true), and printers upstairs and downstairs. Then I can begin the process of moving my office to a room with an actual closing door.

Our Geek assures me that he can make The Man's machine play nice with my Mac, and that he will not leave until we both can connect to the net and print without any help from him.

This may be the best money I've spent in a while.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love it. ...Hey, I answered that quiz on my blog in case you missed it. Cheers! Brent

bluelikethesky said...

Brent, you remain an enigma.