Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Election Gag Order

I'm issuing an election-related gag order for Blue Like the Sky.  

Feelings are running too deep. Emotions too close to the surface.

And I need to find focus, focus, focus for writing.

Last night, during what should have been a funky, relaxed, impromptu evening around the dining room table, things got out of hand.

The Man, for reasons related to the family business' bottom line, tends to vote - in national races  - red. I, for reasons related to Supreme Court composition and our daughter's future freedom (not to mention social justice issues like our health care crisis) vote straight blue.  

Small child was painting. Lori from Do You Realize? had dropped by to help me finish the margaritas from last Friday's cookout.  Her eldest, off to college on Friday, wandered in. The Man entered the room, picked up some paint brushes, and started his own masterpiece. Conversation wandered to Sunday night's candidate interviews with Rick Warren.

I've been trying so hard these last few months to stay centered, to just listen, to refrain from making my views known among those who already know them. But The Man, alone in a nest of estrogen-pumped, tequila-lubed liberals, became a bit more provocative and a little less respectful of my opinions than - in my tender state - was appropriate. This resulted in tears.

I recovered quickly - in mid sentence, actually - but after a good night's sleep I've decided to back off from the political in this space. 

In my first entry, I referred to the "cerulean blue of peace."  We all need that peace in our lives, now more than ever. 

So be patient with me, please, as I stumble back to introspective substance.

Thank you,
Blue in heart, action, voting, living


Lori V. said...

Maybe it was the good tequila, or maybe it was the fact that every one of my family get-togethers sounds this way, but *I* thought everything was fine. :-)

Love you bunches!

bluelikethesky said...

Yep. I may buy the bucket, but I don't scrimp on the mixings!

Today was even more interesting...have you seen "Jesus Camp?" I was quizzed by a 9-year-old about whether or not Obama was a Christian. I was also told he was in favor of killing babies.

Should have seen me finesse that one! Just the facts, ma'am.

Melissa said...

I so sympathize. Last summer I had to go on a "news diet" because I was having anxiety attacks. Politics has been creeping back in lately, and last night I had a total meltdown at HRC's speech. My eyes were almost swollen shut this morning. Really. I had no idea I was so upset at her not being on the ticket. I thought I was over it. But I'm even more upset at the thought that any "supporter" of hers would vote Red. That's just, as Rachel Maddow says, Post-Rational.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing I will say about a lot of us guys is that many of us see the world through our own economically-favorable/favored lenses. If there is a candidate out there who is sympathetic to "capital formation",its ripple effect and the tax code, we tend to pay attention. I understand people both red and blue who vote on social issues, but some of us see (favorable) economic policy as a matter of survival in The Big Jungle. Best, Brent

bluelikethesky said...

Yeah, money and all that...

But I keep thinking about that proposed HHR "conscience" regulation and what it could mean for our daughters' reproductive health. All the tax policy in the world won't mean a thing if our girls are Dobson-ed back into the 50s.