Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Will Not Turn Into A Mommyblog

I promise.

As some of you know, Small Child will be leaving the public school system this fall. As someone who was well served by public schools, and who is committed to public schools, I agonized over this decision.  But that's another post.

We will be joining a true Montessori elementary-middle school community, organic garden and all, about 30 miles away.

Small Child and I just returned from buying school supplies, and our experience reinforced the wisdom -for our family at this point in time - of our choice.

No digging through shelf after shelf of manila paper to find exactly the right size, only to find it not in stock...leading to trips to five other stores until it's found only at Office Depot.

Here is the list:

  • small to medium plant, for which the child will be responsible
  • machine washable place mat and napkin
  • solid color insulated lunch box (I called to ask if last year's, with muted circles, would pass muster and was told yes...they just want to avoid any licensed characters)
  • an old, over sized button-up shirt for art
  • rubber rain boots for the garden

That's it.  

I love these people.


Mrs. B. Roth said...

That's so cool. I struggle every year whether it wouldn't be better to home school. Having just returned from my very expensive, licensed character filled school shopping excursion ... well, your list and what it indicates for the upcoming year ... sounds beautiful and amazing. Just that 30 minute commute ... but even that could be pretty amazing - books on CD, CONVERSATION ... ahhh ... if I could just see into the future and know which decisions are BEST.

Anonymous said...

All decisions are best. How could they be otherwise? We just don't judge them to be so. The corollary is: no decisions are last.

For that matter: what's wrong with a mommyblog?

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Enjoy your adventure.

And yeah, what's wrong with mommybloggin?

MizFit said...

reading and learning.
mine is 2.5 so thankfully I have a while...


Melissa said...

Montessori rocks. All three of mine went through "kindergarten," and my youngest went all the way through elementary. It's such a nurturing environment!

And thanks much for the Southern Belle joke over at Crabby's!