Friday, October 10, 2008

My leaves aren't golden; silence isn't either, you know.

Greetings from persistently green though increasingly scraggly NoTex. 

I know you are out there, readers. I see your hits on Google Analytics although I have no idea who you are. 

My blogfriend, Molly, announced recently that her amazing site had garnered its 3000th comment. This fact has awakened the competitor in me, the one I have been secretly dosing with Ambien for a couple of decades. If you know me, you are aware that this could be a very scary situation indeed. Spending a fall afternoon walking near Dick Cheney with a bird dog and a gun will seem like a walk through Portland's Japanese Garden.

Perhaps I exaggerate. Or not.

Anyway, friends, I am comment hungry. Starved.  I refuse to believe that, of all the things I've written, something hasn't pissed you off or made you think. So flog me with your brilliance, even if it is anonymous. 

Don't make me resort to giveaways. 


Sarah said...

Ok. I am going to comment... Why is it that some blogs have such massive readership and others don't ? There are blogs that I really enjoy - including yours - which don't have 3000 comments on. There are others that I think are awful and really rather dull, which are visited by huge numbers of people who leave comments.I really don't get it... By the way - your film clips below are very scary. I didn't know there were that many ignorant aggressive people in the world, never mind in one queue.Are all McCain/Palin supporters like that ?? S

Anonymous said...

Ms. Sarah, I'm not. Sen. McCain is a U.S. Navy man just as Sen. Kerry was in '04. That's enough for me. Either candidate will govern from the center as they have to; otherwise risk discipline in/from the global financial markets--Money Makes The Mare Go-- and possibly worse than we've seen (bad enough, certainly). Respectfully, Brent

bluelikethesky said...

Sarah, the US electorate is odd. You could pick 50 issues and two individuals. Chances are they would agree on 85% of those issues, maybe even 90%. But one person will vote based on the issues at one end of the line of positions, and the other will vote based on the issues at the other. Rhetoric tends to be polarized, and, like Brent wrote, decisions often come from the center (but not always for the correct reasons).

Brent, are you telling me you supported Kerry?

bluelikethesky said...

I will say, though, that I find the level of vitriol in this campaign unlike anything I've seen as an adult. It approaches some of the awfulness I remember from elections of my childhood, 1968 in particular.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Brent

Anonymous said...

Hey, resort schmesort. I just needed a boot in the butt to get me to make some more art.

bluelikethesky said...

Does that mean I'm getting some? Art that is?